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It has been my privilege to get to know and work with some wonderfully talented people. Some of them are in the T-Party:
Dave Gullen
Gaie Sebold
Julia Knight
Helen Callaghan
Melanie Garrett
William Mitchell
Sara-Jayne Townsend

Others are friends I've made elsewhere:
My critiquing pal and Texas author Patrice Sarath,
British fantasy author Patrick Samphire,
Irish fantasy and SF author Peadar O'Guilin,
and the best rock guitarist you've never heard of, Mark Owers:   

Absolutewrite is the site for writers that I spend altogether too much time at, mainly because there are some very talented and well-informed writers who post there. Agents and editors drop by from time to time too.
JobHero's Freelance Writing Guide has a useful selection of good links for writers.
Finally, the British Fantasy Society - if you are in the UK and read or write fantasy you really should be a member.